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How to Create a Security Group for EntrustedMail.

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Enter your administrator account email address and password. (If you are not an Administrator, you will be redirected to the user hub. The user hub provides quick access to Office 365 and services they have permissions to use, but will not allow access to administration features. You will need to contact your Office 365 Administrator)
  3. Click Sign in. The Office 365 console appears.

Create a Security Group

  1. On the left menu click on the Admin menu item then click on Exchange.
  1. Under recipients, click on groups. Then click the + (plus symbol) and select Security group.

O365 Security Orig 1

  1. Type a name (such as Encryption_Users), alias, e-mail and an optional description for the group, and then click Save.
  1. Next, double click on the new Security Group that you created; then, click on membership.

O365 Security Orig 2

  1. Click the + (plus symbol) and select your encryption users. (you can select mutiple users by holding the shift key down), then press the add-> button. After you have added all your encryption users, press OK.

Modify existing connector to EntrustedMail

  1. On the left menu select mail flow.
  2. Next, on the top menu select Connectors. Then double click on the Connector to EntrustedMail. Press the Next button to view the “Edit Connector” page.
  3. Change when you want to use the connector to “Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector”.  Continue to click the Next button until you come to the “Validate this connector” screen.
  4. You will now need to verify the connector.  Click the + sign and add (you must use this address) as the test e-mail address.
  5. Click on the Validate button. The validation process tests the ability to connect to the EntrustedMail Gateway and then sends an email to the email address.

O365 Security Orig 3
You should see Succeeded as the status of both tasks.

  1. Click on the Save button.

Create the Transport Rule.

  1. On the top menu, click on Rules.

O365 Security Orig 4

  1. Click the plus symbol. Next, select “modify messages” from the drop down menu and type in a name for this rule.

O365 Security Orig 5

  1. Under, “Apply this rule if….” select “The sender is a member of..

O365 Security Orig 6

  1. Next, click on the “Select people…

O365 Security Orig 7

  1. Select the E-mail Address associated with the Secure Group that you created; click the add button and then the OK button.

O365 Security Orig 8

  1. Click on the “More options..” link.

O365 Security Orig 9

  1. Click on the “add condition” button.  Select “the recipient…” from the drop down menu; then select “is external/internal

   O365 Security Orig 10

  1. Next, select “Outside the organization” and click on the OK button.

O365 Security Orig 11

  1. Under “Do the following...” select “Redirect the message to ..” from the drop down menu; then select  “the following connector”.

O365 Security Orig 12

  1. Choose the Connector for EntrustedMail and click OK and then Save.

You’re done! Outbound e-mail for the members of your newly created Security Group will begin to be routed to the EntrustedMail gateway within 15 minutes.

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